A time to reflect and embrace Easter

Fred Wesley. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

Fred Wesley. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

YESTERDAY the faithful remembered the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ on Mount Calvary. It was a time to be one with God on Good Friday.

Christians around the world are reminded about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Yesterday youths of the Christian Mission Fellowship in Kinoya, Nasinu, rounded off a powerful performance of the events leading up to the crucifixion with a message that is apt for this long weekend.

It focused on selfless giving, hope and sacrifice.

There was a message of adversity, of horrific punishment interwoven with steadfast commitment.

Easter is important for many reasons. It celebrates the resurrection from the dead of Jesus.

While many people will unwind in their own little ways, some with a few cold ones with friends partying through the weekend, the faithful will be in church again acknowledging the resurrection tomorrow.

As we celebrate Easter, perhaps we should remind ourselves about priorities and the many challenges we face daily. This is an opportune time to consider the plight of our fellow citizens in need.

The message of sacrifice is meant for all of us.

The faithful remembered a special event yesterday. They embraced the powerful message and renewed their commitment to their faith.

Any other issue was cast aside then.

Meanwhile, today, we continue with our special columns from the political parties preparing for the 2018 General Election.

We asked them about their take on the cost of living in Fiji as part of our efforts to bring out views from the parties. It seems cost of living in Fiji will be a big factor for parties contesting the 2018 polls. In fact four parties have come out with mixed views over the issue, outlining their plans in the process to grab the attention of the voters.

Questions were also sent to the two major parties FijiFirst and SODELPA earlier in the week. Both did not respond when this edition went to press yesterday.

Unity Fiji party leader Savenaca Narube, Labour Party parliamentary leader Aman Ravindra-Singh, National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad and Fiji United Freedom Party (FUFP) leader Jagath Karunaratne shared their views.

They each were focused on attacking the issue differently. The key though was that they saw it as a crucial factor leading up to the election.

Mr Narube said the rise in the cost of living imposed a heavy burden on the people, especially the poor.

Mr Ravindra-Singh claims Government’s policies have pushed up the cost of living, Professor Biman said his party had a solution to ensure cost of living was permanently reduced, and Mr Karunaratne was of the view that if living was not a choice, then why was there cost associated with it.

Obviously different people will look at the issue differently.

The point though is that you have a fair idea about how the various political parties are gearing up for the polls, what they offer and their plans to attack key issues.

Let us not forget to stay safe though this long weekend. If you are out on the roads, stay alert and don’t drink and drive.

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