A special day for Tinai

Celebrating her birthday by voting, 69 year old Reavi Tinai after casting her vote at the Vanuakula village hall in Nalawa, Ra. Picture Repeka Nasiko

Reavi Tinai, 69, of Namara, Ra, celebrated her birthday by being the first person to cast her vote at the Vanuakula pre-polling station in Ra on Monday.

The grandmother of two was dressed in her Sunday best to perform her civic duty.

“Today (Monday) is a special day for me because I celebrate my 69th birthday,” she said.

“Taking part in the election is a nice way for me to remember this birthday.” She said her choice in the voting booth was for someone who would take care of the poor.

“It’s all in God’s hands now. I’ve given my vote and we can only hope and pray that God’s will is done.”

Meanwhile, Vanuakula Village headman Evia Bavou said he hoped that the village would have a 100 per cent turnout at their village hall.

“We have 197 registered voters coming to Vanuakula and I’m hoping that everyone comes out to vote,” he said.

“This is an important time for the people of Vanuakula, for the province of Ra and for the country.

“Everyone has to vote.”

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