A showcase of handicraft items

Women of Nabubu holds up the loga vaka Namuka during their handicraft show in their village yesterday. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

AS a source of livelihood, women in the village of Nabubu in Namuka, Macuata met yesterday to showcase their handicrafts and mats on their village green.

According to Nabubu Soqosoqo Vakamarama head Losalini Masirewa, women in the village always dedicated a day in November every year to showcase their handicrafts and mat-making skills.

Ms Masirewa said single mats were normally sold at $100 to $200, depending on their sizes.

“The other types of mats like the vavivi are sold at $500,” she said.

“Women in the village have a motor-mowing business where we had purchased two lawn mowers which are charged to villagers if they want their lawns mowed.

“We also plant pandanus plants which are sold to women in towns and cities who often come to the village or call to order for pandanus leaves.

“The little money that we generate from this business is saved to fund children’s schooling fees and other needs.”

Ms Masirewa said the main objective of yesterday’s craft show was to initiate interest in weaving among the 20 women and, at the same time, teach young ones the knowledge of weaving.

Another villager, Salanieta Raijeli, said the annual handicraft show was a good platform for women to showcase their skills considering their remote location.

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