A second chance

FOR 38-year-old Suliasi Nasau, being given the chance at rehabilitation after a life of crime has been “eye-opening”.

Having served about 10 years jail time for offences such as robbery with violence, causing a road accident and domestic violence, he lost hope of ever getting a second chance.

With the help of the Yellow Ribbon Project, Mr Nasau said he was able to secure employment as a salesperson.

“The program had allowed me to witness what a second chance truly is,” said Mr Nasau.

Residing in Korovou Village, Tavua, with his wife and three children, Mr Nasau said community support was a vital factor in his reform.

“I was very glad to have received the support from my family and village to lead a better life.

“Every human being makes mistakes and they deserve a second chance. Before, I wasn’t aware of what talents I had but the Yellow Ribbon Program has helped me recognise myself.

“It has opened my eyes to a positive mind-set,” said Mr Nasau.

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