A pink dress for Christmas

Mereoni Takayawa Tuinayau (front) holds her pink dress yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

UNAISI Radinibeqa’s wish to wear a pink dress on Christmas was granted yesterday.

The 15-year-old girl from Nawaisomo Village in Naitasiri was among recipients of the Make-A-Wish initiative at the New Zealand High Commissioner’s residence in Suva yesterday.

Radinibeqa has made the Colonial War Memorial Hospital her home for the past three years after a tumour was detected in her throat.

As part of her wish, she was also given an iPad, pink dresses, books, dolls, and other toys.

Her younger sister, Naomi Tobeidu, 12, said they were looked by their grandmother after their parents separated.

She said the only time she would visit Unaisi was during school breaks.

“I am so happy to see her smile today, she was happy with her pink dress and all other gifts.

“My grandmother was so happy to see her. We came all the way from Nawaisomo Village.

I miss her because she was like my best friend in the village and in school,” Tobeidu said.

Make-A-Wish founder Gilli Sinclair said they had assisted more than 50 children in Fiji over the past two years through the NGO.

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