A mother’s unique gift

Angie Bradburgh's strength on this Mothers Day is caring for her dad who is bedridden and lives with her. Picture SERAFINA SILAITOGA

WHILE many mothers are being spoilt wth special treats today, Angie Bradburgh, a disabled single mother has dedicated her time to caring for her bedridden dad. The familiar face of Labasa Town believes that taking care of her dad is the best Mother’s Day gift she could award herself.

Her dad Charlie Bradburgh, 68, suffered a stroke early this year and has lived with his daughter since he was discharged from the Labasa Hospital. Angie’s day at her house in Waidamudamu, Vunimoli begins at 4am with preparation of breakfast for her dad and nine-year-old son, who attends Waidamudamu Primary School.

“But most nights, I am up looking after my dad and attending to his needs like giving him a cup of water to drink,” Angie said.

“Sometimes, I also have to change his diaper in the middle of the night and I am used to that, I don’t get tired easily. “With what I have gone through in looking after my dad, I have enjoyed every minute with him and this is my Mother’s Day gift to my family.”

On days she needs to visit town, Angie bathes her dad, cleans his room and cooks lunch ready.

“So when I get back from town, I feed him right away before moving to the laundry to wash our dirty clothes,” she said.

“Sometimes, my monthly allowance from the Government is used to buy my dad’s diapers and wipes that I use but sometimes friends and good Samaritans bring his stuff over. “There are days I get sick because of my condition but God has been my strength and my source of joy. I make sure to always commit my life to him every day before I take care of my dad.”

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