A moment to cherish

MY friend had already started singing the song We are the Champions by the band Queen as the game against Fiji and Australia in London last week proceeded live on TV! — all of us with high hopes and our hearts at our throats.

But it wasn’t until that commanding lead against Australia stood long enough and London commentary box began congratulating Fiji as the winners of the sevens series that he sang “We are the champions even louder.

Despite the ridiculous hike in yaqoga prices, it did not stop the flow of kava that evening in Raiwaqa and on we went to the next basin after basin. Outside my door neighbours cheered and passing car tooted their horns when they knew Fiji had won the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. Sevens rugby is our game and now here we stand on top of the world — for how long? I don’t know but I know for sure that I’ll cherish this moment for now. Throughout the series, I’ve been keeping track of the points table and I must say it’s been very exciting and nerve wrecking at times.

I guess that’s why a lot of sevens fans watch the games over kava. Kava is like a stimulant that either drowns the sorrow when there’s a loss or full bowls all around when we win.

I alone spent more than $50 on kava that night with family and friends. My friends bought more kava. I don’t know exactly how much I consumed but nobody complained when full bowls were being passed around after Fiji was crowned the series winners.

I guess that’s cheers to Ben Ryan and the boys for an extraordinary series.

My tavale Damu kept his hopes high for Hayne even though it looked like Jarryd needs to work harder at the breakdowns and not lose the ball.

I told Damu …Tavale se bera sara ni ready o nomu boy! (your boy is not yet ready for sevens).

Damu replies — Oops! Kua sara! E dei tu na yalona ko mai qito kina va na timi ‘qo! Sega ni vakai iko (He’s steadfast in his decision to play our team, not like you).

You see Tavale Damu is very passionate about sevens rugby and hardly ever misses a game. He made a surprise stopover at my place on Day 2 of the London Sevens 2016. He told me he had a horrible time watching the games the day before.

There was only one TV screen and the children were using it to play video games. “I was halfway through the Fiji game against Wales when the kids switched their game back on,” he said.

So that’s why I am here. Have you got a TV screen? he asked.

I said ..yes! He replied, “Then what are we standing around for let’s get this show on the road, buy some grog and wait for the games. I totally supported his plan for the love of sevens and I am sure this was the scenario in every other home last weekend.

So the money spent on grog and all the time spent in front of the television was worth it because Fiji won the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series…on our way to Rio.

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