A model for businesses

FUTURE Farms Limited trading as Rooster Poultry in Ba has been a staple of the Fiji Business Excellence Model.

The company was recognised at the 18th Fiji Business Excellence Awards in 2016 with the Fiji Business Excellence Prize and is currently working with set strategies for all opportunities for improvements as per earlier evaluation.

Represented by seven FBEA evaluators in the FBEA framework, Future Farms Ltd has established itself as a leading quality driven firm leading to excellence.

Company general manager Stanley Raniga said there has been a steady and progressive improvement in overall productivity and the driving or initiating force was certainly their people and their productivity.

“One of the key elements of our business is our quality management system and quality standards,” he said.

“Our quality standards are governed by ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

“To add further ownership to this and as part of having a continual progression to excellence, we have Quality Control Circles (QCC).

“With the introduction of QCC we saw tremendous input from our people in terms of raising operational efficiencies and overall productivity.

“Excellence always has a link with Quality of processes and people.”

He said the results of their FBEA commitment to excellence have been amazing over the past few years.

“Internally, we recorded a unique employee engagement index of 9.85 with an eNPS of 86 per cent.

“Our operational and financials were also exceptional and sustainable for further growth. We were also recognised at the Fiji Human Resource Institute 2017 Awards under the Organisation Leadership and Development category.

“Our greatest result has been awarded the Gold Award in Team Competition at the National Convention on Quality 2017, stamping our mark as the leaders of Quality in the Poultry Industry and this is strongly reflected in our product performance.”

He said while the road to success was forthcoming, it was not without its challenges.

“Challenges are real and presented the leadership team with a great opportunity to set new boundaries.

“In our case our challenge and opportunity was for the acceptance and application of the framework by our people.

“The leadership team took the lead in setting the framework and allowing our people to understand and challenge the concept through an idea generation concept.

“Our people eventually embraced the concept and the framework’s drive on Approach, deployment, learning and integration turned into reality for Future Farms Ltd.”

He said the company had a team of FBEA evaluators who continued to search for opportunities for improvement.

“These are FBEA Evaluators with a total of 16 years of experience on them.

“This year one of our Evaluator’s, namely, Ronald Reddy was recognised with a Green Jacket at the 2017 FBEA Awards Night, signifying five years of evaluation with applicant organisations with the FBEA Framework.

“We have benefited enormously with a systematic excellence approach of FBEA. It is our local concept and we are very proud of it.

“It has intentions of long-term business sustainability and is a sure winner for any type of business. It is also a great marketing tool and a definite and superb HR tool leading to sustainable concepts.

“Businesses should embrace it to see the benefits it derives.”

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