A milestone achievement

WINNING the Prime Minister’s International Business Award last year for Foneology has been a milestone achievement.

Foneology managing director James Trusler said during the launch of the business awards that staff members had seen the award as a symbol of hard work that they had done throughout last year.

“It certainly lifts the motivation level in the office. The staff has confidence in their ability and is providing an equal or better service provided in overseas repair centres,” he said.

“As the managing director of Foneology I am proud to show our international visitors our trophy cabinet.

“Last week we had Samsung and Huawei visit our office and they were very impressed when they saw the awards that Foneology holds from the Prime Minister’s Exporters of the Year awards and the Prime Ministers International Business Awards. It strengthens our business and gives us the cutting edge over competitors.

“For Alcatel we are the regional warranty service hub and that has grown from Fiji to the South Pacific to include Australia and New Zealand and last year Singapore. This year we have already commenced repairs for Malaysia and Indonesia.

“So you can see that Foneology is potentially competing with overseas repair centres, so having the IBA award and the ongoing encouragement and support of Investment Fiji is a major help to our business and is part of our success story.”

He encouraged each and every business present at the launch to take part in this year’s Prime Minister’s International Business Awards.

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