A message of hope

CANCER is everyone’s business. Speak out loud and make it known. This was the message made to staff members of Post Fiji by its chairman Lawrence Tikaram yesterday as they gathered for a morning tea to mark the continuous Pinktober events being organised around the country.

It was an emotional yet moving moment for the staff members as they heard reports from a few breast cancer survivors and even from one of their own colleagues.

Arieta Daucakacaka, a staff member of Post Fiji, shared her report which moved nearly everyone to tears at the Post Fiji headquarters in Suva

It was on July 13 this year when her life changed after visiting her nearest health centre because her right breast was swollen.

She was put on medication for two weeks but there was no improvement and this was when she was referred to the CWM Hospital.

“My husband, who was accompanying me, encouraged me to have faith in God and we had a short prayer together where life or death would be the result,” Ms Daucakacaka shared.

“To shorten my story, the surgery was successful and my result was out after a month.

“The smiling face on the doctor that morning said it all and he confirmed that my result was negative and I thank God for that.

“Going through this experience, I encourage everyone to live in hope, faith and love.

“Hope is the only thing stronger than fear. Having faith nothing should be impossible.

“Pink is pretty, pink is bright, they made a decision to live and fight so let us all support the fighter, admire the survivor, honour the taken and never ever give up hope this Pinktober.”

Post Fiji also handed a cheque for $2000 to representatives from the Fiji Cancer Society to assist patients and survivors with medications, doctor consultancy and other essential services.

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