A march for Israel

Particiapnts during the Israel March of the Nations in Suva City yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

Israel’s adviser to the Pacific Yaron Dadon yesterday told the Israeli movement in Fiji that they were not the lost tribe, but instead were one of the founding tribes of Israel. Mr Dadon, who is in the country, made the comment during Israel’s 70th anniversary celebrations organised by the Christians of Israel in Fiji movement at Ratu Sukuna Park in Suva. Israel declared independence on May 14, 1948.

Mr Dadon acknowledged the presence of hundreds of Christians who marched from the Suva Flea Market to Ratu Sukuna Park to mark the 70th anniversary.

National leader for Christians of Israel in Fiji Lepani Makubuna said the Christians for Israel was a worldwide movement.

“It’s a worldwide movement where Christians gather together where those Christians that believe and stand together with Israel, as you all know in the Bible, the word Israel is mentioned over 2500 times and even the name Jerusalem is mentioned over 600 times,” Mr Makubuna said.

He added the anniversary marked a significant number within the Christian faith. “So today (yesterday) we’re celebrating Israel’s 70th anniversary since 14th May, 1948.

Up to today, Israel celebrated its 70 years of existence and you know in the Bible, 70 years is a significant number.

It stands for completion, it stands also for perfection and it also stands for judgment,” he said.

Mr Makubuna said all those gathered during the celebrations sang hymns and praises to mark the occasion.

“Everyone just sang and cheered for Israel because in the Christian faith, our faith is rooted in Israel, our inheritance is rooted in Israel and that’s what we should appreciate as Christians so it’s a call for celebration,” he said.

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