A living hell

A SURVIVOR of domestic violence and marital rape opened up to The Fiji Times and revealed the horrors she endured during her marriage to her estranged husband.

From physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional trauma and marital rape, the victim said she endured it all for her children and became a survivor of one of Fiji’s most shocking cases of domestic violence.

The unsung hero and mother of five who shall be addressed as Jane Doe related how her husband had affairs with numerous women and told her the reason he slept with other women was because she wasn’t satisfying his sexual desires.

Ms Doe explained, “He would try and force me to sleep together in the daytime but I couldn’t because my children were in the house and we only had one room”.

Ms Doe, who was strangely calm as she shared her ordeal said she had no knowledge that women had rights or the liberty to equality.

Ms Doe, who has left her husband for almost five years, said during the 12 years of marriage, she would receive punches to her face which would result in “black eyes” on a daily basis, kicks to the gut and neck from his safety boots and was scolded with a belt and stick.

At times, she said he would throw flower vases and ashtrays at her.

Ms Doe said she didn’t want other women to face the same experience and if any violence occurred at home to report the matter to authorities or the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre.

Ms Doe was assisted by the counsellors of FWCC to the point now where she doesn’t have to fear the man who dealt her the 12 years of domestic torture.