A learning experience

The Fiji Bati has really made significant progress in its pool matches and then beating New Zealand in the quarter-final to secure a semi-final spot against the best in world rugby league, Australia.

While there was much anticipation by supportive fans at home and abroad for the unthinkable, the fact remained that the “Kangaroos” are still a “one of a kind” team that is remotely possible to conquer!

Regardless, our boys played their best and we must give credit for their sacrifices and teamwork.

The final score turned out to be 54 -6 in favour of the mighty and strategic Australian team.

It was indeed thrilling to watch how our opposition capitalised on our mistakes and showcasing high class skills, strength and consistency throughout the 80 minutes battle.

The Fiji Bati on the other hand displayed some classic action especially with the likes of Koroisau, Uate, Kikau and the lone try by Vunivalu in the 60th minute.

We have a lot to learn from the best teams in the world of rugby league to continuously improve on our performance for the coming years.

All in all, the Fiji Bati has achieved so much in its campaign to represent our island home and indicating that through teamwork goals can be achieved and lasting friendships are forged.

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