A hub for tourists

FIJI is becoming a hub for tourists coming into the country in cruise liners from all around the world.

Last year, a total of 50 cruise liners berthed at the Kings Wharf, bringing in thousands of tourists with it.

Statistics released by the Fiji Ports Corporation Limited shows that in January alone, a total of 14 cruise liners visited Fiji.

The lowest however, was recorded in May and June with one cruise liner each month.

Since the beginning of the year, more than 20 cruise liners arrived in the country.

Suva City Council, however said, the number is expected to increase to 60 come December.

For the Ports Authority of Fiji, this would mean more revenue from berthing costs. For these tourists, what they want to experience differs, ranging from sightseeing and exploring a new city to experiencing a taste of the tropics and perhaps the local culture and traditions.

For many visitors, it is their first taste of a tropical paradise.

And as they arrive, many are immediately whisked away on to waiting buses for organised tours to nearby villages before they are dropped back into the city for a tour of the many souvenir shopping centres.

Then in a matter of hours, they are back on board their cruise liner ready to head off into the sunset. Their tour of Fiji’s Capital City is usually short, very quick and in the end, they often leave some businessmen and women rubbing their heads in their wake.

But that is the reality of cruise line visits these days.