A great man

I am very saddened by the loss of the great man and the legend Jaswant Singh Kanwal, also known as Jogindar Singh Kanwal. He was a great man with infinite knowledge and was a good human being. I came to know him through his wonderful piece of writings and was touched to be in contact with him.

He became a good friend and mentor. I was greeted with good hospitality at his home and had the pleasure to meet his wonderful, beautiful, and talented wife Amarjeet Kaur, who has also written many beautiful pieces that can keep one wondering. She wrote good poems as well, together with Mr Singh (The Morning – Savera; Dharti meri maata; The New Migrant; A Love Story: 1920 and A Hundred Years of Hindi in Fiji).

Something that was common with us both were the words that touched the heart and soul in those ecstatic writings. He knew the power of the pen, he knew how to express the emotions and how to detail the suffering and pain of others that one can feel while actually reading. He always acknowledged me for my letter writings, one in particular was about daylight saving.

He always inspired me to keep writing and always kept telling me to write a book one day. I always used to joke with him in reply saying “one day before I die”, and he used to say “if God permits I will get to see it”. He always used to say to achieve something, we have to start from somewhere and this is something he always used to say to everyone he knew and motivated. We once in a while used to talk on the phone, expressing our views and opinions. I always was getting positive vibes while talking to him.

Jaswant Singh Kanwal was a novelist, short story writer and essayist of the Punjabi language. He was born in the village of Dhudike, Moga District, Punjab, India. As a teenager he left school and went to Malaya. He was awarded the Punjabi Sahit Shiromani Award in 2007. He has published several books. His novels usually have a rustic feel and depict the rural life of Punjab very vividly. His writings generally question firmly held social customs and beliefs. He has left leanings and many of his most popular novels champion the cause of socially relevant issues like social and gender equality. He is also known to take tough political stands in his newspaper essays. Later on he became a supporter of Khalistan movement. (Wikipedia).

My condolences are with his family. My dear friend will be missed by many. Although indeed when it comes to true friendship, age is not a barrier. May you rest in peace my friend and may God give lots of courage to the family to recover soon.

He will be looked after well by the angels.

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