A-G urges Fijians to support the government

ATTORNEY-General Siromi Turaga middle with garland the candidates of the last general election with former President of the Methosidt Church Rev Dr Tevita Nawadra cutting the cake during the Tikina Nairai thanks giving ceremony at the gym yesterday. Picture:ATU RASEA

MORE than one thousand Fijians showed their support for the Attorney-General Siromi Turaga in Suva on Saturday.

A traditional ceremony or the vakasenuqanuqa was accorded to the minister by the vanua of Kubuna-i-Wai followed by various items and songs to commemorate the auspicious day.

Mr Turaga thanked the support of people from Lomaiviti, family and friends and urged all Fijians to support the government.

“Now that the election is over, the government in place will serve everyone for he next four years,” Mr Turaga said. He added the coalition Government would continue to work together for the benefit of the people of Fiji for the next four years.

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