A-G: No one tells the media what to publish

Update: 12:56PM NOT A single journalist in Fiji has been prosecuted in Fiji and no one tells the media what they can and cannot publish.

Speaking in Parliament in response to a motion by Opposition MP Professor Biman Prasad to review the Media Industry Development Act, Attorney General and minister responsible for communication Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum accused the Opposition of a conflict of interest.

“He is actually trying to have a go at the Media Industry Development Act. On numerous occasions, the Honourable Prasad comes to parliament and says there’s no freedom of the media. Every single thing that he says in parliament is reported,” the A-G said.

“Nobody goes and tells them what to say. Nobody goes and sits in the newsroom and tells them what to publish.

“He doesn’t talk about the fact that the lawyers that they use are also the lawyers of the newspaper.”

The motion asked for changes which would allow subscription-based television service to air local content.

Professor Prasad said changes to MIDA would allow for media competition, adding the lack of it had “adversely affected people’s freedoms and dissemination of information and their right to actually make a choice”. 

The motion was defeated.

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