A-G: Climate change adaptation, development inseparable

Update: 4:41PM The Attorney-General, Minister for Economy and Minister Responsible for Climate Change, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, addressed the panelists and stakeholders during Session 2 of the Climate Action Pacific Partnership Event at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva today.

Speaking on
public and private climate financing and insurance in Fiji’s situation he said
climate change development adaptation and national development went hand in

“You cannot
actually separate it because they are very much intertwined,” he said.

“You cannot
talk about development in a country like ours without talking about measures
for handling climate change or issues emanating from climate change effects.
For example if you are building a road; that probably needed of be built
because of the effects of rising sea levels, and you need to probably build
better structures because of very severe cyclones. They are one and the same,”
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

The panelists for Session 2 on public and private climate financing and insurance
included global experts, Martin Wilder AM, the chairman of Australian Renewable
Energy (ARENA), the ANZ rep for Swiss Re Vicki Mullen and Suki Atwal, the
principal green finance specialist of Global Green Growth Institute.

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