A dream come true

Adelaide Abishang Kari with Father Hugh Kuani at the Church of the Annuciation in Nazareth. Picture: SUPPLIED/RONY GREVEN

TRAVELLING to Israel was something Adelaide Abishang Kari always wanted.

In fact it had been a dream and before her mother’s passing, they had been saving just so they could make the trip to the land Christians mainly refer to as the Promised Land.

“Being a Christian, seeing Jerusalem was a dream. Me and my mother were actually planning and saving to come to Jerusalem and visit the old city,” said the Papua New Guinea television journalist who works for EMTV.

It was not until when she received a call from the Yaron Dadon the Pacific adviser for the Israeli Embassy based in Canberra, Australia informing her that she alongside 11 other journalist from the Pacific had been invited for a once in a life-time trip to Israel, that she believed dreams do come true.

“Like us Christians say we have our own plans but God’s plan is the best. And I believe when he called my mum home three months ago he also called me home too, to see his Holy Land here on Earth,” said Kari.

For Kari travelling to the Holy Land was not only about visiting the holy sites and sacred places but also for another reason.

“My god parents were Jewish turned Christian who still of course practise Jewish traditions. When I was born they gave me a Jewish middle name Abishang. From what they say it’s a Jewish princess name and it also comes from the Bible so I feel like I have experienced what my god parents wanted me to see about their home land – Israel.

“I cannot say thank you, words come nothing close. Yaron Dadon, may the God of all the religions in this world bless you and keep you safe. Thank you for everything — Rony Israel Greven, Adi, Alex and the whole Foreign Affairs Ministry. Thank you, thank you.

“I will return home and tell Papua New Guinea of what the real Israel is. Thank you tumas and may our God Lord bless you all and protect Israel.”

To make her trip a more captivating and memorable one, Kari together with the other Pacific journalists, met Father Hugh Kuani from West Sepik in the PNG.

Father Kuani was surprised when he met the Pacific journalists at the Church of Annunciation in Nazareth.

“This is the first time for me to meet someone from the Pacific since arriving in October,” said the 49-year-old priest.

“I am just emotional and thankful to God because ever since we arrived into Israel I have been thinking of the people back home and the amount of tension going on.

I am thankful to see that one of my fellow Wantok brother is here and we are both praying for our country,” added Kari

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