A dream, a passion

Sneha Rasika Singh, a Year 9 student of Hilton Special School, stole the show during the National Games for Special and Unified Athletes hosted by Special Olympics Fiji.

I echo the sentiments shared by Special Olympics Chairman Bishwa Sidal, who has a wealth of experience when it comes to the Special Games that “people living with physical limitations and disabilities do not need pity but rather encouragement and a more inclusive approach by members of the society.”

At this juncture, I acknowledge the efforts of the sports section of The Fiji Times for the extensive coverage of the 2016 Special Olympic Games.

The article on Sneha Singh, who uses her hands to walk, write, eat, play sports and do the housework and aspires to become a teacher, would have moved many.

Watching her happiness was an indication that we need to promote values associated with inclusivity.

Sneha, 9, has featured in her second outing at the Games.

The fact that she likes school and doesn’t want to stay home signifies the fact that these special children need our attention, love and support.

We need to treat them like normal people and involve them in worthwhile activities so that they blossom like flowers and not lose interest in life. Sneha, who is strong willed and has a great sense of independence, is just one of the many children with disabilities who dream big, have aspirations and want to be somebody rather than an unknown.

All these are possible with our help, moulding and guidance. I commend the organisers of such a mini meet as it presents a golden opportunity for children living with disabilities to showcase their skills and hidden talents.

To our athletes, I wish you the very best and I am keeping my fingers crossed for one of you to shine at an international meet just like our Assistant Minister for Sports — honourable Iliesa Delana.

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam

Nadawa, Nasinu

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