A dismal performance

I strongly feel that our Fiji futsal team must have created history by losing four out of four matches.

This must have been our worst result in comparison to other years the team must have played.

Surprisingly, this happened on our home turf. Even the tour overseas was not very pleasing.

Where is Fiji soccer heading in the name of development and consistency?

Is the coach capable of producing a winning combination? Well, the results speak volumes. I recall there was a player by the name Menon Ram with a lot of experience and skills.

He was dropped without much substance. Why? Was the coach having a personal agenda to attend?

Learn from the Englishman Mr Ryan whose policies about player selection and performance is so well engraved in many Fijian hearts today.

He has definitely set the pace for everyone. That is how one earns respect, recognition and fame.

Let’s hope that Fiji football would conduct a thorough scrutiny of all matches. Our ranking is beyond our reach.

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