A call to teaching

Lusiana Anasitasia with her kindergarten kids during their graduation at Vunibau Village. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

VUNIBAU Village may be a long way from Lusiana Anasitasia’s village in the Namosi highlands of Viti Levu but it has been home to her for a couple of years.

Vunibau Village is situated 16km by road from Pacific Harbour and is located along the banks of the Navua River.

Lusiana has been teaching at the village’s kindergarten for the past two years. She also resides at the village during her teaching tenure.

But what makes the 44-year-old interesting is the fact that she only took up preschool teaching after one of her children would fear going to school as a child.

“We used to live in my village in Namosi at the time, my child who was five just refused to go to preschool unless I was there with him,” she said with a smile.

“So almost every day of the week, I had to wait for him at the preschool, it would hamper my chores at home but I had to do it, so my son could learn.”

But as time wore on, Lusiana grew interested in what the preschool teachers were doing. She would observe the preschool teachers and soon began to help out in the teaching while her son attended.

“I would pick up on what the teachers were doing and soon my child began to get confident as he got used to the school activities,” she shared.

It was a start for things to come. The mother got motivated and enrolled herself at Lautoka Teachers College for an Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Education in 2008.

“I married young and did not have any sort of qualification. My husband was a farmer and we lived in the village, but I thank him for his support.

“He stayed with our children and looked after them while I spent one year at LTC,” said the mother of five.

She graduated in 2009 and began to teach officially as a preschool teacher. Later on in 2015, she enrolled at Australia-Pacific Technical College (APTC) to upgrade her skills.

“I didn’t imagine that a small incident with my son would put me here,” she said with a smile.

“But it has been the support of my husband who stood by me throughout. Education is important and it has helped my family a lot.”

Her son is now 14 years old.

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