A call to service

“IT is important for the newly-appointed cabinet ministers to understand that they have been chosen by the people of this country therefore they need to remember that they are servants of the nation,” says Pita Nacuva.

The former Speaker of Parliament made the comment following the swearing-in of the new ministers on Wednesday.

“It was not on their own accord, they are voted by the people,” Mr Nacuva said.

“So it’s a question of understanding the issues that concern people and they can talk about it in parliament.

“As ministers they should be concerned about the people who voted them in.

“They are servants of this nation, they should serve with a servant-like attitude.

“I for one have always upheld that. It comes back again to each one’s values.”

He also commended the recent appointment of two women to hold two responsible positions in Parliament.

These are Dr Jiko Luveni who vacated her seat to Laisenia Tuitubou to become Speaker, and leader of Opposition Ro Teimumu Kepa.

“It is incredible to have the Speaker and the leader of Opposition, to have women recognised in parliament.”