A brand of unity

THE South Pacific Tourism Organisation’s (SPTO) chief executive officer Chris Cocker says the new organisation brand is an umbrella of regional unity.

“The new brand will make people understand that we are from the Pacific,” he said.

He said people would start finding themselves around the question of whether they were going to Fiji, Tonga, Samoa or New Caledonia as the case might be.

“But under the new branding we go as an umbrella of regional unity as well as the spirit of regionalism for the South Pacific.”

He said it was different when we came to the short-haul markets.

“In New Zealand and Australia they know that it’s a Fiji destination they want to come to, but when you’re looking at emerging markets as well as long-haul markets, it’s important to go as a South Pacific brand,” Mr Cocker said yesterday. He said 2017 was a critical year for SPTO in terms of the new branding and new look and South Pacific tourism moving forward.

“It has taken two years for the amount of work that is required, testing it out in the market, working with the national tourism offices as well as the private sector in getting this brand.”

Meanwhile, SPTO marketing manager Alisi Lutu said in developing the new brand, consultations were carried out with the national tourism offices (NTO) and private sector businesses and organisations in member countries.

She highlighted one of the feedbacks during the consultations from an officer in one of the NTOs who said, “I want this to be an umbrella brand that all members are proud to use”.

And another member of the private business sector was also highlighted in the presentation as saying: “We want an award-winning brand that will turn heads and bring people here.”

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