95 per cent of PNG population live in high risk malaria areas

PORT MORESBY, 25 APRIL 2018 (POST COURIER) — Nearly 95 per cent of Papua New Guinea’s populations live in areas of high risk for malaria transmission and Kuriva community in the Central Province is no exception, according to the health department.

In commemorating World Malaria Day, students attending the Kuriva Primary School were given access to early diagnosis and treatment at the school grounds.

During a visit to the school, Health Department’s Central Public Health Laboratory Quality Assurance officer Dorothy Abala said since the start t of the screening programme this week, out of more than 70 children tested, about 27 were tested positive with Malaria parasites.

“Many of these children did not look sick but after being tested, we found out that many of them had Malaria,” she said.

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