948 dengue cases

THE North has recorded 948 dengue cases so far with most cases from the Labasa area.

A statement from the Health Ministry stated the highest number of confirmed dengue cases in the country were from the North.

However, the statement read they were experiencing a downward trend in cases received within the division and so far there had been one confirmed dengue-related death in Labasa.

“At the highest peak of this outbreak, there were 136 patients per week confirmed to have dengue fever in the West of the North Division (mainly Labasa),” the statement read.

“The weekly numbers are still well above the outbreak threshold, and still higher than the numbers we expect for the North at this time of the year.

“While it is too early to determine if this trend will continue, the ministry is cautiously optimistic the hard work put in by the Northern Division team and the people of the North is having an impact.”

The ministry continues to call for everyone to take up the responsibility of ridding their homes and places of work of potential mosquito breeding places.

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