90-plus Lautoka eateries graded

A TOTAL of 96 eateries in Lautoka were graded by the Lautoka City Council this year.

Among those graded was a prominent business found operating a restaurant under unsanitary conditions.

Lautoka City Council CEO Jone Nakauvadra said more work was needed to be done by a few of the businesses.

He said a few eateries were taken to court and fined for breaching conditions under the Act.

“Since our last Food Safety Awareness for Bakery and Eatery operators on June 18, 2019, the council has started to see positive changes in the way food businesses are operating,” he said.

“However, some food businesses need to step up and comply with standards of good hygiene practices as stipulated under Food Safety Regulation 2009 to safeguard the health and interest of consumers.

“One of the supermarkets has been fined $500 for operating under insanitary condition and one retail outlet fined $1000 for selling expired food.”

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