85,000 student eTransport cards topped up

THE Ministry of Education has already topped up 85,000 students’ subsidised eTrasport cards and has announced a new Tap N’ Go activation system.

Ministry of Education Senior Accounts Officer Iva Driu said to access the funds on the subsidised cards, all the students needed to do was use the redeem function on any bus POS except for the Tebara Buses or visit any District Education Office or Vodafone Outlet.

All subsidised cards are now open for activation and parents are urged to redeem those funds before the start of Term 3 next Monday, August 27.

Ms Driu said the Government had allocated $25million in the 2018/2019 budget for the subsidised cards.

The General Secretary for the Fiji Bus Operators Association Rohit Latchan said that Vodafone had informed the bus operators that machines on all buses, except those of one company, had been updated and were now capable of activating student cards.

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