83pc victims of rape cases aged 17 years or younger

EIGHTY-three per cent of cases of sexual violence against women and girls rape cases decided in the High Court of Fiji last year involved victims/survivors aged 17 years or younger.

This was revealed in the Fiji Sexual Violence against Women and Girls Rape Case Analysis for 2018 released by the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM) yesterday.

The FWRM analysis revealed a total of 94 rape cases were decided in the High Court of Fiji in 2018 where all accused persons were males.

The youngest accused was an 11-year-old, while the oldest was an 85-year-old.

The analysis highlighted that the average age of the victim/survivor was 14 years.

The youngest victim was six months old, while the oldest victim/survivor was 71 years old.

The average starting sentence was from nine years and 11 months, while the average final sentence was 11 years and 10 months.

According to the analysis, the highest sentence meted out was a life sentence.

In two cases, the analysis revealed that the accused persons were given non-custodial sentences because they were minors.

There were six cases where the accused persons were acquitted, while two out of the 94 cases involved persons with disabilities.

A total of 71 per cent of cases recorded involved victims or survivors who knew the accused.

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