$80k-$100k to remove 2 derelict vessels

FIJI Ports Corporation Ltd (FPCL) says it is conducting a delicate balancing act between allocating money to clean up derelict vessels in Suva Harbour and ensuring dividends are paid to shareholders

FPCL CEO Vajira Piyasena told this newspaper yesterday that while the removal of derelict vessels, was the responsibility of FPCL, it was a non-commercial operation.

“Our concern when we spend on this is whatever the dividend we have to give to government will be reduced,” Mr Piyasena said.

“So it’s a very delicate balancing act that we are doing. While we are removing this in the most cost effective way, we will also look at fulfilling our obligations to our shareholders.”

He made the comments following presentations to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence on eight International Maritime Organisation conventions Fiji is looking to ratify.

Mr Piyasena said FPCL had already managed to remove four of the derelict vessels in the Suva Harbour and were in the process of removing another two.

“It will cost us now around like $80,000-$100,000 to remove the two vessels and there are currently 18 or 19 and this number will be lowered.”

He said it was important to note some derelict vessels had been in the harbour for four to five years, and others for eight to nine years, and the focus was now on ensuring no more vessels became derelict in the harbour

“We now have a very clear mechanism in place to ensure there are no more derelict vessels so we do very real monitoring and now it’s a matter of clearing up all at once.”


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