8 suppliers accredited for supply of devices

THE Fiji Revenue and Customs Service (FRCS) has reiterated that there is no extension to the deadline for the implementation of the electronic fiscal device (EFD)/VAT monitoring system (VMS).

The service however stressed that they will only defer penalty enforcement for suppliers who have met the requirements.

These requirements, according to FRCS, are for suppliers (1) complied by registering and cleansing their data through the MyInfo portal and (2) have collected their secure element (smartcards) from the FRCS office nearest to them.

FRCS chief executive officer Visvanath Das said they had negotiated with suppliers to ensure that there was a minimum cost to ensure compliance.

So far, eight suppliers have been accredited to supply the EFD)/VMS to the Fijian market after a further accreditation process by FRCS.

“The deadline for supermarkets and pharmacies expired on February 28 and we are now working with the accredited suppliers to ensure that there is a smooth transition and that businesses are compliant with the EFD/VMS laws,” Mr Das said in a statement this week.

“To ensure that businesses have minimal disruptions while complying; we have also developed a free POS application which is compatible with smart phones/tablets.

“The free application will not compete with other suppliers as it has some limitations in functionalities with respect to internal accounting for business needs but meets the requirements of the regulations.”

While supermarkets and pharmacies will be soon issuing fiscal receipts, Mr Das urged consumers to download the FRCS receipt verifier application free and verify the receipts issued to them.

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