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ALL Blacks 7s analyst Tomasi Cama Jr believes the Vodafone Fiji 7s team has a high chance of defending the World Sevens Series.

And the former All Blacks 7s kingpin shared his views on ways to help the Fijians do well at the remaining 7s tournaments.

Cama, who was instrumental in plotting Fiji’s downfall against New Zealand at the Sydney 7s tournament, said the Fijians should play its trademark game of free-flowing rugby.

He said playmakers played a crucial role in the team not only in creating spaces for their teammates but more importantly in directing the moves.

“I think Fij is being brilliant when they play the way Fiji always played in the past, keep ball alive through offloads and using the steppers to create space and opportunities to score points,” the former All Blacks 7s playmaker said.

“It’s just a matter of when and where to use the offloads and step is the key because opposition’s defensive line are getting better.

“Playmakers need not only to create but to organise and direct players around the park against a well organised team.

“Executing the basics well and decision making under pressure will be the key going forward.

“Fiji still on top of the points table and winning the Series again can be done through good performances and consistency and this can be massive going into Rio.”

Cama said Fiji played well at the Wellington and Sydney 7s tournaments but basic mistakes and lack of concentrations led to their downfall.

“Fiji played well in the last two tournaments even though they got knocked out in both semis.

“Simple basic errors and lack of concentration at times cost them the game in both semis but they showed character to bounce back, won the third and fourth play-offs beating two quality sides in England and South Africa at Wellington and Sydney 7s respectively.

He said New Zealand used their chances well and shut down their steppers and off-loaders to beat Fiji.

“Fiji played well again against the ABs in Sydney. The ABs took their opportunities during the game to score points and they were well organised defensively against the steppers and Fijis off-loads game.

“I thought Fiji would attack the ABs more rather then waiting around to see what happen or for someone to spark something out of nothing, they attack the line twice, off-loads and scored two tries,” he added.

Cama is the New Zealand 7s all-time top points scorer registering a massive 2026 points in his 10-year stint with the world champions.

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