7s support

Much is being said about supporting our sevens warriors and their wellbeing.

As the most successful 7s team in the world, it is rather unfortunate, we have yet to secure lucrative player contracts and a training and administration facility specifically geared for an extended 7s squad.

In this day and age the best way to promote our 7s team is through technology which is not only affordable but by far the best way to market our already famed team.

At present we don’t even have a website specifically for our flying Fijians 7s team. The boring FRU website is not only dull but uninteresting with the sevens game reported as secondary!

I believe Fiji 7s needs a captivating and unique website, easy to navigate, and with all the added features.

A website that if anyone wants to find out more about our 7s team all one has to do is hit it up on Google to get www.FijiSevens.com in which everything and anything can be promoted in support of the team.

Tickets, travel, accommodation, entertainment, merchandising, events, news, about the players and Fiji 7s, sponsors, results, videos, live streaming, to name a few!

All this needs to be controlled by a team of administrators stationed at the 7s facility.

The revenue for such a setup will be tremendous and a win/win situation for Fiji 7s, players, and our enthusiastic supporters and fans.

I believe the only reason we don’t have such a setup is simply because of the FRU board and management.

It is indeed unfortunate that we are not taking advantage of this great product we are so blessed to have.

Time is money and since gold in Rio we have lost millions!

Professionalism and not amateurism required!

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