7s legacy to uphold

FIJI president Jioji Konrote has called on the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s and Fijiana teams to show the world that Fiji can offer a lot when it comes to the 7s code of rugby.

The teams presented their itatau to the president at the Borron House in Samabula, Suva on Friday.

“I am very pleased to see some familiar faces, but I am more also pleased to see some new faces in the team that can form a champion and a winning combination for our men’s and women’s rugby teams,” he said.

“As we are going to compete in the new series we should show the world that we have a lot more to offer in the sport and not only we only have fresh talents among us, but we have a new team approach and proud legacy to uphold as a Olympic gold medalist and the world seven series champion.

“We can show the world that Fiji always finds itself in fighting the new challenges and creating new opportunities.”

Fiji captain Jerry Tuwai said they wanted to start the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series on a high note.

“I thank the Lord for the opportunity for us since we had been training for a long time and we played in a few of the overseas tournaments to bond the team together,” Tuwai said.

“There are a lot of new boys with only a few of the old boys remaining in the team.

“We have trained for the competition and ready for Dubai and Cape Town 7s.”

Meanwhile, the team will be announced next week.

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