72pc of women in Fiji have experienced violence

Fiji has one of the highest rates of injuries from domestic violence, says Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre coordinator, Shamima Ali. Picture: The Daily Telegraph

SEVENTY-TWO per cent of women in Fiji have experienced one or more types of violence in their lifetime from their husbands or partners.

Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre co-ordinator Shamima Ali told those attending the National Cross Gender dialogue at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva last week that the abuse ranged from physical, sexual and emotional violence.

Ms Ali said domestic violence was not just a slap.

She said many women living with violence were subjected to torture in their own homes, including intense and repeated attacks, multiple types of physical and sexual abuse, humiliating emotional abuse and high levels of coercive control by their husbands or partners.

Ms Ali added that among those women who experienced physical violence during their lifetime, 94 per cent were slapped or had something thrown at them, 68 per cent hit with a fist or an object, 60 per cent were pushed or shoved or had their hair pulled, 44 per cent kicked and dragged or beaten up, 20 per cent were assaulted with a weapon or were threatened with this, and 10 per cent were choked or burned on purpose. “All request of help should be taken seriously,” she said.

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