$7.5m money laundering case

Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Picture: SUPPLIED

The Fiji Financial Intelligence Unit found a woman who managed to open two bank accounts in Fiji for foreign nationals who were not in Fiji, using fraudulent documents in an alleged money laundering case involving $7.5 million.

This is stated in the Fiji FIU 2021 annual report presented in Parliament on Monday.

The three foreign nationals had received $300,000 each in their bank accounts when they were reported to FIU.

“Mr A, Mr B and Mr C are nationals of Country 2 who also hold Country 3 passports, and are sole shareholders and directors of Company A, Company B and Company C respectively,” states the FIU.

“Mr A, Mr B and Mr C use the same Suva residential address.

However, their personal bank accounts were opened at a Nausori bank branch and their business bank accounts were opened at a Namaka bank branch.

“Fiji FIU analysis established no travel records to Fiji for Mr A, Mr B and Mr C, however, their bank account information noted that they were physically present to open the bank accounts.

“Company A, Company B and Company C have the same registered business address and phone number.

“Ms D allegedly assisted with the creation of companies and bank accounts using identification documents of individuals not present in Fiji and believed to be fraudulent.

“Fiji FIU analysis also established that Company A, Company B and Company C each pay Ms D salary expenses of $30,000 per month.”

FIU said the case was forwarded to the Fiji Police Force with possible offences of money laundering, provision of false or misleading information and economic fugitive involved in the case.

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