67-year-old artist shares 30 years of experience

Rewa native Reapi Tuitokova Blyde of Suvalailai village in Suva. Picture: ATU RASEA

In her 30 years as an artist, Reapi Tuitokova Blyde has done and seen it all.

And unlike many Pacific artists, the Suvalailai, Rewa, native decided to enhance her natural talent by getting a degree in artistry at Auckland University, a feat she accomplished 20 years ago.

But after obtaining her degree, Ms Blyde was unable to secure employment.

This was when she decided to go back to drawing.

And that decision has allowed her to share her works with new and exciting audiences.

She said one of her most memorable trips was when she travelled on an exhibition in Australia with renowned local artist Craig Marlow and Yellow Ribbon artists.

“Last year, we had an exhibition in Noumea with Benise Tivouane from Noumea and Juliet Pita from Vanuatu,” said the 67-year-old.

“At this point in time, a few of us are selling our drawings at a house in Pender St, Suva, for our own purposes.”

Ms Blyde was one of the artists who participated in the Arts Inclusion project at the library launch at Suva Carnegie Library yesterday, an initiative that will run from September to December to make the arts accessible to children and young people.

The Fiji Times is a sponsor of the event.

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