65pc vote on pre-poll day 1

Naqarawai villgers queue up to vote during pre-polling in Namosi yesterday. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

YESTERDAY’s voter turnout on the first day of pre-poll was about 65 per cent. Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said this figure was likely to improve as they gathered information from the whole exercise as most of the polling venues were in network blackout zones.

Pre-polling at 109 polling venues across the country was completed yesterday.

Mr Saneem said out of these, the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) was only able to receive statistics and details from 42 polling venues as information was forthcoming. He said this was because the other venues were faced with network problems.

The FEO will be conducting pre-polling in 142 venues around the country today, of which 23 venues are in the Central Division, 47 in the Eastern Division, 30 in the Northern Division and 42 in the Western Division. The FEO is expecting 16,532 voters to cast their votes on the second day of pre-poll exercise today.

“Expected voter turnout in the Central is 3228, Eastern is 4729, Northern is 3601 and Western Division stands at 4974,” Mr Saneem said.

He said one thing they noticed was that voters had turned up late to vote. The FEO has urged all voters to correct their time and turn up at polling stations on time.

“I’d like to encourage all Fijians who live on the mainland to please inform their families and friends in remote locations who are covered under pre-poll to please go and vote as they will not get a chance to vote if they miss out on the pre-poll,” he added.

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