6500 locals provided free medical treatment on Ark Peace

Local patiences of Fiji having done their diagnoses and now ready for their treatment on the hospital ship Ark Peace . PICTURE: JAKE CABANIUK

MORE than 6500 locals were provided free medical treatment while more than 30 operations to inpatients were conducted on board the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy Hospital Ship, Ark Peace, after its seven to eight days visitation to the country.

This was revealed by the Chinese ambassador to Fiji, Qian Bo, after the ship departed our shores on Thursday for Tonga.

He said the ship was able to achieve what they had planned during the seven to eight days they were in the country.

Mr Qian said the free medical service provided to thousands of locals was a huge number.

“This is a huge number that we have never imagined and previously I thought that each day we would have 600 to 800 people but it was more than expected,” he said.

“They gave more than 30 operations to the inpatients, and so frankly speaking, it is not about the number, it is simply a strong message from the Chinese people from China to our friends in Fiji, this is our friendship, this is selfless friendship and sacrifice. “This is really a mission of friendship, a mission of humanitarianism, a mission of peace and a mission of co-operation.”

He said the ship would return next year on January 1 to 4 only for logistic support.

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