631,895 registered voters

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE Fijian Elections Office has so far registered 631,895 voters who can participate in the coming general election.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said Fijians wishing to participate in the elections could still register to vote.

Of the total number of registered voters recorded as of July 31, the FEO recorded 313,239 females and 318,656 males.

Mr Saneem said the registration of voters would continue until the issuance of the writ of election.

He said the FEO had registered 7918 Fijians living abroad who are eligible to participate in the election this year and are only entitled to vote by postal ballot.

Mr Saneem said since June, the FEO recorded 3572 new registrations. With the statistics available at the FEO, John Wesley Primary School is the polling venue with the highest number of voters — 5172 — registered to cast their votes at the Raiwai-based school.

Dogotuki Village Tent in Vanua Levu is the polling venue with the lowest number of voters, registering only 19 voters.

“As you are aware following the announcement as of May this year, the total number of registered voters we announced was 636,764. “You will notice that there is a significant number in the decrease of voters as we have now successfully verified and removed 7684 voters marked as deceased,” Mr Saneem said.

He said the confirmation of these voters being deceased were received from family members and relatives, whereby FEO officials cross checked the information with the Ministry of Justice’s Births, Deaths and Marriages Department, Ministry of Health and the Fiji National Provident Fund.