$6.3 million for subsidy program

GOVERNMENT had introduced its weedicide subsidy program with a total budget allocation of $6.3 million under the Ministry of Sugar’s latest financial year to subsidise the price of weedicides.

Ministry of Sugar permanent secretary Yogesh Karan said the prices of weedicides had increased over time and that had affected growers’ ability to apply recommended quantity of weedicide to their cane farms to control weed.

“Considering the increasing costs and to ensure that recommended quantity of weedicide is applied to maximise sugarcane yield, the government had introduced its new weedicide subsidy program,” Mr Karan said.

“From August 1, 2017, Government provides 55 per cent of subsidy while growers pay 45 per cent of the price of the four recommended weedicide on sugarcane fields which are Diuron WDG80, Valpar King, Glyphosate 36, and 2D Amine 720.

“The sales for Diuron increased by 109 per cent compared with 2016 where the South Pacific Fertilizers Ltd (SPFL) sold 69,675kgs of Diuron in 2017 compared with 33,361kgs in 2016.

“The sales for Valpar King increased by 182 per cent compared with 2016 and SPFL sold 14,654kgs of Valpar King compared with 5197kgs to 2016.

“The sales on Amine increased by 40 per cent compared with 2016 where SPFL blended and sold 128,895 litres of Amine compared with 92,365l in 2016.”

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