’57 old f@rts’

’57 old f@rts’

Former England Rugby Union captain Will Carling in 1995 referred to the RFU committee as the “57 old f@rts”.

Carling’s comments were because of the inability of those in charge of rugby union to do the right thing and move rugby forward.

Fast forward the comments by Will Carling 22 years later to 2017, I believe the “old f@rts of world rugby” are at it again, depriving second tier nations such as Samoa, Tonga and Fiji of what these nations truly deserve.

World Rugby must treat Pacific Island teams with respect as our contribution to the game cannot be measured and it dates back to the early 1920s.

Fiji, Tonga and Samoa must stand united in their fight against any form of discrimination and unfair treatment by those at World Rugby.

Rugby cannot be played at an uneven playing field anymore and reform at Rugby HQ in Dublin, Ireland must be instigated immediately.

We cannot be the clown of rugby any more, thrilling spectators with entertaining rugby in Twickenham, Murrayfield, Dublin, Paris or closer to home in Sydney and Auckland.

Our performance needs to be compensated and this should start with a fair share of the gate-takings in every international match we participate in.

The comments by the Samoan Rugby Union chairperson needed to be endorsed and supported by Tonga and Fiji.

The fight for a fair share of match day gate share needs to be taken up by the three island unions vigorously.

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