55 women graduate from vocational training centre

Graduates and invited guests at the Makoi Women’s Vocational Training Centre graduation yesterday. Picture: RAKESH KUMAR

“NEVER stop learning, never stop looking at new skills, never stop searching for new competencies.”

These were the words of encouragement from chief guest and French ambassador to Fiji, Sujiro Seam, to the 55 women who graduated at the Makoi Women’s Vocational Training Centre yesterday.

The graduates were presented with certificates in cooking, sewing and hydroponics.

Mr Seam congratulated the women and encouraged them to continue upgrading their skills.

“I lost my father at the age of two, so I grew up in a single-parent family, raised by my mother. Throughout my life I witnessed the effort, the sacrifice that it takes to raise a family when you are a woman.

“Improve the way you can to make a living which will give you new opportunities to better lives. Keep learning throughout your life. You’re never too old to learn new things,” said Mr Seam.

One of the graduates, Maria Miriama, 21, said she was happy to start her small tailoring business.

“I came to enrol at FNU (Fiji National University) but my mother passed away so I couldn’t start my studies at FNU.

“My friends told me about this training and I joined straight away. I am so happy that I’m graduating today,” said Ms Miriama.

Fiji Muslim League’s national president and the chairman of the Makoi Women’s Vocational Training Centre, Hafizud Dean Khan, said so far more than 800 women had benefitted from their training courses.

He said women were the greatest power of the family and their aim was to help women move out of poverty.

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