55 informal settlements surveyed by ministry

Minister for Land and Mineral Resources Ashneel Sudhakar. Picture: FT FILE

FIFTY-FIVE informal settlements have been surveyed out of the 64 that have been identified by the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources.

Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources Ashneel Sudhakar told Parliament the exercise started in 2015.

Mr Sudhakar said 21 settlements in the Central Division had been identified as informal settlements with 17 in the Western Division and 17 in the Northern Division.

He said the ministry had issued a total of 515 approval notices for 22 informal settlements benefiting 2575 individuals and 515 families. Of these, 89 families were in the Central Division (Six informal settlements); 293 for the Western Division (eight informal settlements) and 133 for the Northern Division (eight informal settlements).

“The approval notice leases are issued to informal settlements to regularise their occupation on State land after which the ministry hands over to the Department of Housing for the proper housing development with proper provisions of water, power supply, drainage and sewerage reticulation, drainage and sewer line connection to individual lots is provided, road construction to FRA (Fiji Roads Authority)standards and survey,” Mr Sudhakar said.

“Once the development is completed and the survey plan is approved, the ministry then issues proper leases to the individual tenants.”

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