$527k payout

THE Fiji National Provident Fund has paid out about 701 applications to flood victims in the Western Division to date totalling $572,000, a figure expected to further increase.

FNPF chief executive officer Jaoji Koroi confirmed this in a statement yesterday after the fund earlier announced that members would access up to $1000 under its natural disaster withdrawal scheme.

The assistance will be deducted from the members’ general account eligibility with the processing fee being waived for this withdrawal.

This saw FNPF officers will be deployed to inspect flood-affected areas from last Wednesday closely working with the Commissioner Western’s Office in assisting members.

But with the recent adverse weather and tropical cyclone alert, the FNPF has taken the necessary precautionary measures and had suspended inspection of flood-affected areas in the Western Division from yesterday afternoon.

All FNPF Offices in the Western Division had also close for business as of 1pm yesterday while all remaining offices closed at 3pm.

Mr Jaoji Koroi said inspection would resume and FNPF offices would open when the weather improves.

“Teams will continue to process applications that have been received, despite the suspension of inspection and closure of offices,” he said.

FNPF inspectors have issued more than 4000 natural disaster assistance forms to date and more than 1000 forms daily.

“Our teams are doing their best to provide the necessary assistance to members in the worst affected areas in the Western Division,” he said.

“With the weather continuing to worsen, we are taking heed of the advisories from the disaster response agencies and suspending our services in the West.”

Meanwhile, FNPF members have been advised that forms for flood assistance are not issued by any other parties except the FNPF Inspection teams.

FNPF continues to advise members to take note of the inspection schedules in their areas and ensure they are home when the teams visit their homes.

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