$510k collection

THE increase in the number of Foreign Investment Registration Certificate (FIRC) applications received is an indication of strong investor confidence in the economy, says Investment Fiji CEO Godo Mueller-Teut. “With the Fijian economy poised for further growth, more investors are exploring opportunities to invest in Fiji,” he said.

Mr Muller-Teut made the comment in an Investment Fiji press release yesterday announcing that $510,000 had been collected in FIRC fees within the past five months in 2017.

He said the funds had been handed over to the Ministry of Economy. “The month of November recorded the highest number of FIRCs received by Investment Fiji.

“Throughout 2017, Investment Fiji received a total of 448 FIRC applications, collecting more than $1.1 million in fees. “This represents more than 14 per cent increase in FIRC applications received in 2016,” Mr Mueller-Teut said.

He said 204 FIRC applications was received from August to December last year with wholesale and retail, tourism, manufacturing and agriculture sectors continuing to attract large number of investors to the country.

Ministry of Economy permanent secretary Makareta Konrote has applauded the efforts of Investment Fiji in attracting foreign direct investments to the country.

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