50 per cent Fijians not compliant with paying taxes: FRCS

FRCS chief executive officer Visvanath Das. Picture: FILE

FIFTY per cent of Fijians in the country are not compliant with paying their taxes, says Fiji Revenue and Customs Service chief executive officer Visvanath Das.

He said the tax office needed to work with other stakeholders in order to address this issue.

“I am very saddened to say that at the moment, it is on average of 50 per cent. A total of 50 per cent of others are not paying taxes,” Mr Das said.

He said he was disappointed after discovering this.

“It’s sad to note that the Fijian taxpayer honesty integrity is at an all-time low,” he said.

“In order to make everyone aware, the tax office has invested in a $48m software to create a better information system we are targeting this to roll out in August.”

Mr Das said through this new portal, taxpayers would know which obligations were outstanding.

“Some of the things you would expect in the new tax information system is of course a taxpayer portal where every taxpayer will log in to find out their account balances and lodgement applications.”

He added another move FRCS was doing was to have their operations online.

“Now that helps everyone better manage the tax paying population when everything is being done online so we reduce the risk of missing information,” he said.

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