4FJ campaign

PAGE 11 of yesterday’s issue reports on the efforts by Colin Philp, the manager for Leleuvia Island Resort, to garner support for the 4FJ campaign. As reported, Mr Philp (a former classmate of mine) “is championing the 4FJ campaign to boost kawakawa and its cousin donu – during their peak breeding months, June through September”.

According to the report, the Leleuvia Resort will not serve these two fish on their menu during these spawning months.

It appears that, as a result of overfishing, these two species of fish are under threat of disappearing from our seas. I agree with Colin that its part of our nature “that we just do and don’t worry about the consequences”. (The same applies to littering!)

I further agree with Colin that we need the support of the masses to the campaign. May I add that the campaign can also be brought up as part of the agendas of village and tikina meetings and even as a topic of discussion over a tanoa – to seek the support of our urban and rural dwellers.

This would ensure that the message of resource management, which is really the management of human behaviour, is spread and preached to as many people as possible. As a colleague, Dr Joeli Veitayaki says, “Let’s win them over, one person at a time”.

To Colin, I’ve been supporting the campaign also. I salute your efforts and those who have also pledged their support for the campaign and let’s keep up the good fight to win our people over – one person at a time.

At the end of the day, the real winners will be the kawakawa and the donu!!

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