4D revolutionary scanner

Your wait for a cardiac scan that is fast, accurate, complete and economical finally comes to an end, with the world’s first and fastest 4D Hi Definition CT scanner “Revolution 750HD CT Scan” at MIOT Pacific Hospitals.

With a scanning speed that’s 100 times faster than any current scanning system the Revolution 750HD CT can save precious lives whether they are accident, heart attack or heart failure patients.

The launch of this advanced system is a continuation of our commitment to bring the world’s latest healthcare to our patients in Fiji.

Faster, better and safer than ever before:

At MIOT Pacific Hospitals, no treatment starts without an accurate diagnosis. The Revolution 750HD CT which uses unique Gemstone Dual Energy Technology allows our specially trained specialists to diagnose all types of cardiac disease accurately and completely without the slightest delay.

Imaging quality up by 25O per cent:

With a spatial resolution of 230 microns across the area scanned, visibility has increased by 47 per cent. This means that our specialists can see more of your heart than ever before. Even the smallest abnormalities in dark areas gets picked up.

Its Hi definition dual energy imaging technique delivers 256 slices of every 40 millimetres scanned as high definition images. These images reveal not just the smallest of blocks but also measures it to the exact decimal and provides information on the material make-up of the block.

This gives your specialist all the information he needs to make an accurate and detailed diagnosis. (Overall imaging quality : 2.5 times better)

Speeds that BEAT the fastest beating heart:

Some of us may have irregular heartbeats or Arrythmias (faster or slower than normal) which usually lead to inconclusive scans. The Revolution 750HD CT has a special snap shot freeze feature which ‘freezes and scans’ the heart in a single beat. These crystal clear images of every heartbeat helps specialists at MIOT Pacific Hospitals to time the exact variation. It allows them to draw up precise and targeted treatment plans.

Safety above all else:

You would be surprised to know that the amazing benefits of Revolution 750HD CT are delivered with a 82 per cent reduction in exposure and medication.

That makes it the safest choice in cardiac scanning today.

At MIOT Pacific Hospitals, your time is our priority:

We understand that your time is valuable. The scan will be done by a trained technologist who will ensure that you are comfortable and that there are no re-dos.

To avoid any delays, we have a full time expert Radiologist at MIOT Pacific Hospitals to analyse the scan results and give you a complete and accurate report within 24 hours.

You can then consult with the Interventional cardiologist at the Hospital who can plan your treatment without delay.

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