45 years in business

The FMF bulk store in Walu Bay,Suva. Picture: ATU RASEA

A FACTORY that started out with only 80 employees in 1991 and one biscuit product now has 420 employees, manufacturing more than 80 varieties of biscuits for our local and export consumer taste.

FMF Foods Ltd celebrates its 45th birthday this year and to show their appreciation for their loyal customers who helped make the FMF breakfast crackers a family favourite, the company is giving customers a chance to win a share of $45,000 cash.

According to the company there will be 286 winners in total, 26 winners each week from now until December 24 and on January 12, five lucky winners will win $2500 each.

Consolation prizes of recharge cards and cartons of their favorite breakfast crackers will also be given to others giving them a chance to win a share of $45,000 cash.

Biscuit Company of Fiji operations manager Ritesh Nandan yesterday said though FMF Foods Ltd started in 1973, the company introduced breakfast crackers into the Fijian market in 1991 by opening a subsidiary company under the name Biscuit Company of Fiji Ltd (BCF).

“As FMF celebrates its 45th birthday this year, we thank all our customers for readily accepting the FMF breakfast crackers into their households and making it a family favorite,” he said.

Mr Nandan said the factory began production solely with the 375g breakfast cracker pack that became an instant hit.

“FMF Breakfast Crackers, like FMF flour has become so synonymous with the FMF brand that on our 45th birthday we had to recognise it for the iconic Fijian made product it has become for our local and international customers.

“It is shared in every home in many ways and continues to be the original breakfast cracker choice in the Fijian market.

“FMF Breakfast Crackers were made with a unique and original recipe that made them softer and more wholesome.

“They were the first to be made with pure vegetable oil and were also presented in attractive packaging, designed to keep the product fresh and crisp.”

Mr Nandan said the company saw the potential and consumer need and in 1993, it started production for export to the island markets and by 1997 they had presence in Australia, New Zealand and the US.

“However, the breakfast cracker journey is not only about sales, it is also about providing for Fijian families.”

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